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Gritbuster RORO System


The Gritbuster RORO is a simple 2 unit system designed to separate the solid and liquid fractions collected by sweepers on construction sites.  The principal advantage of the system is that it eliminates the need for each sweeper to leave site to tip at a licenced waste management facility, which depending on the site location can be some distance away. In these circumstances the sweeper can spend a significant proportion of the working day off site, travelling to and from the tip. Instead of travelling off site to tip, the RORO system allows the material to be treated on site, with the solids stored on site in the 2no RORO units (pending disposal at a licenced facility) and the filtered liquid safely discharged to sewer.   By storing the solids on site and safely disposing of the water, sweeper productivity is significantly increased and on many sites, the number of sweepers required can be substantially reduced (making a significant cost saving). Alternatively, the RORO system can also be used as a satellite facility processing the material collected by a small number of sweepers working on a number of nearby sites, with the solid fraction then being transported to a central hub for further treatment/aggregate recovery.

The Process

• On arrival at the plant, the vehicle would reverse and discharge directly into the first RORO skip which acts as a reception hopper

• Coarse particles which rapidly settle to the bottom of the skip and any large items (e.g. litter and detritus) would be retained for subsequent disposal

• A manually activated pump mounted in the first RORO skip transfers fine solids/silt laden water, via a chemical dosing system, into specialist sacrificial dewatering bags stored a second RORO skip (alternatively the bags can be laid out on bunded concrete slab provided that the filtrate can be securely contained and collected for disposal)

• Inside the dewatering bag, flocculated solids rapidly settle and the supernatant water is bled off through the fabric for discharge to foul sewer or reused as grey water

• When full, the RORO skips are emptied on site via excavator or grab lorry and disposed offsite 

Stabilising the Coarse Waste

Depending on the nature of the site being swept the material retained in the first RORO skip can either be:


• Free draining (i.e. readily gives up its water), in which case it is sufficiently solid to be handled without further treatment, or 


• Comprises of a mixture of coarse material and fine solids laden slurry which is too thick to pump into the dewatering bag.  As a result this material often needs to be stabilised to allow its disposal off site to landfill.  The material can be stabilised by using an excavator to mixing in cement or our stabilising compound which turns the slurry into a solid material suitable for offsite disposal

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