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Previous Projects

At MRS, we have been involved with a huge range of projects worldwide and in all different industry sectors. These include food production facilities, plastics recycling plants, water treatment facilities, airports and many more.  Below are a few example of how we may be able to help you. 


Trickling filter media washing

Media washed for re-use on site with closed loop water treatment.


Chute 1.jpg

Glass washing

Recycled glass washed before crushing to make filter media.


usa 4.JPG

MRF Fines 

MRF fines processing in the USA as part of a paper pulp recycling process


brookes 2.jpg

De-stoning compost oversize for biomass application

Using an HDS-V and water treatment system, we successfully removed the stones and heavy fraction from compost oversize in a closed loop washing system.


sand rinse 2.jpg

Sand dewatering with rinse in agriculture

Sand lane product rinsed and dewatered for transportation / re-use.



Sand / Rubber Separation

Using our density separation process, the mixed feed was separated into two re-usable products.


pea 5.jpg

Fines removal from wash water

Sand / fines removal from wash water before discharge to drain in a food production facility.


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