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Road Sweeper and Gully Waste Solutions

With over 10 year of development and with customers all over the globe to back our claims, we believe that we have one of the widest ranges of sweeper solutions out there.  Combine our standard range with the bespoke solutions that we have made to meet customer requirements, and Materials Recovery Systems should be your first call if you are looking for a sweeper waste solution.  From remote sites with no access to drainage looking for a simple solution all the way through to a full recovery plant with water treatment, we will work with you to provide the solution that you need.

Roro Skip dewatering

roro (2).jpg

This is our most basic option for road sweepers providing simple separation of the solids and liquids collected on a construction site that are tipped directly into one of the two roro skips.  The separated water can be discharged to sewer retaining only the solids to be disposed of at landfill.  The main benefit of this system is that eliminates the need for each sweeper to leave the site at several intervals throughout the day and in turn, increases productivity respectively.

Gritbuster Uno

The Gritbuster Uno offers a form of mechanical separation for rapidly separating solids contained in the sweeper / gully sucker waste.  The water is pumped to optional water treatment and the solids are transferred across the unit using a horizontal auger, where it moves onto the angled dewatering auger to leave the unit.  From here, we offer several different options including hydrocyclones, dewatering screens and more, so let us know your exact requirements and we will offer a solution that fits around you.

uno tip 3.jpg

Gritbuster WT-100

The WT-100 was our first Gritbuster unit but is still proving to be a favourite with many customers.  With a direct load hopper (with optional ramps), the WT-100 not only saves time and money for the customer, but also gives a potentially saleable grit product.

Gritbuster WT-250

The WT-250 is our complete system that recovers aggregate from up to 100 t/day of sweeper and gully waste.  The systems is capable of operating as a closed loop system when combined with one of our water treatment systems.  When processed, the waste is split into a fine heavy fraction of 300 micron to 10mm which after passing the required tests, can be used in non structural concrete or fill etc.  There is a -10mm to 1mm fine organics fraction that leaves via a dewatering screen making it an easily manageable product.  You also get a +10mm heavy's fraction containing the larger stone etc, a plus 10mm float fraction and dirty wash water.  We have several sites available to visit so why not get in touch and see which solution suits your needs the best.

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