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Gritbuster WT-250

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The Gritbuster WT250 is a compact treatment system designed to recover aggregate from up to 100tonnes per day of sweeper/gully waste.  The process uses water based washing techniques to separate recoverable/recyclable aggregates from leaves and other waste picked up by the sweeper.   When coupled with a water treatment system and sludge dewatering plant, the system is capable of operating as a closed loop washing system requiring little additional water.  The WT-250 unit has an integrated hydraulic density separator to further process the oversize fraction of the waste

The Process

• On arrival at the plant, the vehicle would reverse and discharge its contents into a wedge pit type arrangement do remove excess water, from where it is loaded into the WT-250 using a telehandler type machine. . 


• The material in the V shaped hopper is conveyed using a horizontal auger to the 10mm wet trommel, for washing and separation of a grit fraction from the oversize material.


• The minus 10mm grit fraction is dewatered and discharged from the unit using an inclined auger where it is given a further rinse along the auger.

• The oversize material from the wash process is transferred to the hydraulic density separator section where is is further separated into a floats and sinks fraction.


• The fine solids laden water  from the unit is first passed over the dewatering screen (to remove any minus 10mm to 1mm organic products) before being forwarded to the water treatment plant.

• Treated water from the process can then be recirculated as wash water meaning the system runs as a closed loop.

• Sludge removed during the water treatment can then be further dewatered using a filter press, centrifuge or dewatering bag dependant upon customer requirements.

gritbuster wt250.jpg
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